Friday, August 05, 2005

"Cooper and Browne Go To Town"

These are the responses to my August 4 article on vicarious liability and Medicaid fraud in New York State. Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback.


  1. Woodieo9:55 AM


    Good column on the Congressional killing of the vicarious liability situation in NYS.

    Another example of the truth underlying the maxim that you don't want to see how laws or sausage are made.

    Congress' circuitous negation of NY's vicarious liability law is a 'silver lining' hidden in a massive transportation bill, that helps remove the 'tarnish' for auto lessors doing business in New York.

    Stay cool....keep the faith!

  2. The bill, if constitutional under the Commerce Clause (there will be litigation), still gives a benefit to corporate leasing companies many of which are subsidiaries of such struggling concerns as Citibank, Chase, GM and the usual suspects at the expense of those severely injured by impecunious drivers of cars. Negligence lawyers may suffer some, but now wealthy corporations can put dangerous drivers on the road at reduced cost ) and risk at the expense of the severely injured. One report I read indicated $600 was the average saving. I am unimpressed.

    As to medicaid fraud, larceny is a crime in any county, any DA can prosecute, the US Attorney can prosecute, The AG can prosecute. Albany likes to legislate, but there is sufficient law and authority. Only the will is lacking.

    Thanks for allowing me to ventilate.

  3. The onlly comment I can make to the Whelan sophistry is "Dr. Novello, the center of this whirlpool of corruption, should not be too modest to rest on HER laurels

  4. I await - not overly optimistically - benefitting from a reduction in rental charges proportionate to the New York

    lessors' reduced insurance costs. Though why do I believe they will use the reduction principally as an addition

    to their bottom lines and pass on relatively small reductions to the leasing public? Or is there something in the

    legislation I should know?

  5. Starquest,

    Several years ago, as I was a lowly locksmith working for HRA/DSS-OFO, at the 260 11th Avenue Building., the gentleman who was the motor vehicle operator dispatcher ( then paying under $26k a year) always had a new Jag, or a new Mercedes Benz. I asked someone about it, and they told me that his wife had a couple of day care centers which were funded by the same agency he worked for, and that he was close with the Bronx machine. Later they told me he was on the payroll of one of the city funded centers for over $100k a year.

    All this time I've been in the wrong business, as I sweat and labor under a misapprehension that hard work and honesty are the keys to success, I look at the low level crooks that are sucking the city dry, and wonder, why are they being protected by layers of government? Why are they connected to the Democrats, or even the Republicans? Why can't they all be honest hard working citizens, intent on making New York a better place, a place to live and prosper? But not a place to line their pockets with their ill gotten gains. Is this all of what its all about?

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