Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Run of the Unicorn

Hornak Launches Run,
Ready for Uphill Battle
No Opponent as of Yet

NOTE: If you are a candidate for public office and would like me to attend your fundraiser, kickoff party or other event, please email me at, or call Michael Oliva @ 212 564-4441.

* * *

On Monday night, Robert Hornak (pictured above with his fiancee Angeleque), Republican candidate for a New York City Council seat, the 22nd District, in Astoria, Queens, held his campaign kickoff/fundraiser at the Women's National Republican Club in Midtown.

For over ten years Hornak was the president of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc., a group that under his leadership held events in conjunction with the better known DL21C (Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century), under the leadership of David Pollak, then at Paine Webber (now UBS), currently the Co-Chair of the Democratic State Party (with June O'Neill). That tradition of bipartisanship continues to this day (this week the two clubs hosted a "Super Tuesday" watch party). Hornak is well known as a Republican who enjoys Democratic events because they are "more fun." He is a fixture at many of the debate and primary night parties, a youth-driven phenomenon which has exploded amidst the unprecedented excitement of this increasingly dramatic election year. Several of these parties take place at bars and clubs around the city on any given debate or primary night. Whether or not these parties are actually any fun, their existence is encouraging.


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    I did find your blog's rather interesting...especially visually...though I am not currently in the state of mind to dive into comprehending it all...

  5. Thank you,Bison for the nice comment.but may I indulge in telling me in what state of mind are you,for not being able to go besides the visual in my blog?
    My idea is to inspire an interior dialogue......and food for thought,ayayayayay... too much talk about material issues, as much as one needs resolutions to daily needs,but as the old Latins would say: Panem et Circenses.....besides wars,battles,bloodshed,violence .Maybe we should all train our minds into peaceful thought and so change,yes change the status quo and find harmony and pleasure of spending time on this planet.

  6. ...a very busy state of mind

  7. I can understand.
    But it is good to Relax and Enjoy.
    And as we are in the Year of The Rat,it is good to refresh our minds with a little Confucius or other Chinese Thinkers:
    Hui Tzu recited to Chuang Tzu the rhyme:
    "I have got a big tree
    That men call the chu.
    Its trunk is knotted and gnarled,
    And cannot be fitted to plum-line and ink;
    Its branches are bent and twisted,And cannot be fitted to compass or square,
    It stands by the road side,
    And no carpenter will look at it.
    The world of the dead.

  8. Goodness,as we have seen,depends on peace of mind,and Mencius realized that this again depends on economic security."If beans and millet were plentiful as fire and water,such a thing as a bad man would not exist among the people"

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