Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Spitzer's Dealers Tax.
Forum on His Future.
Ousted Artists Shiver.

Governor Spitzer has proposed a new state tax on illegal drugs, including cocaine. The tax would be $200 per gram. It has generally been called the "crack tax", after a cheap and dangerous form of cocaine. The tax would also be imposed on marijuana, but at a lower rate, $3.50 per gram, which is about $98 per ounce. Since the levy would be imposed on both cocaine and marijuana, shouldn't it be called the "crack-pot tax"?

Under the plan, drug sellers would get a tax stamp from the State Department of Taxation and Finance, with the assurance that their information will not be given to the police. The law would enable the state to collect taxes from dealers who have been apprehended. Other states have variations of this proposed law, but they do not bring in enormous amounts of revenue. The bill would provide another charge that could be made against a dealer who has been caught. But taxing illegal activities is a dubious method either to collect revenue or to discourage crime.


  1. Bernie12:06 PM

    Many years ago, when Fr. Louie Gigante was a City Councilman from the Bronx,{during your tenure there}, he
    wanted to introduce legislation to "grandfather" bookies and secondly, to issue tax stamps to bookies. His view was that everyone gambled, so let's de-criminalize those willing to get tax stamps and the City would make money.
    His dream was shot full of holes and wafted into the winds of city lore.
    Now, the half -a- moron comes forward to propose a smack tax stamp??
    It is dangerous to the public weal, stupid and makes a mockery of our justice system.

  2. Janet Kimmerly12:09 PM

    This e-mail is a snapshot of today's media. The majority of it was devoted
    to Clinton and Obama, as though no other candidates exist. A paragraph each
    was given to McCain and Huckabee. Should we conclude from your missive that
    the latter are uneducated? You went on and on about the education and law
    degrees of the former individuals; even their spouses. No bias? Please.

  3. Ron Kaplan12:14 PM

    Dear Star Quest:
    I am increasingly disheartened by our inability to vote for president. Were I to cast a vote for dog-catcher, it would count - one man = one vote for the dog-catcher. Yet, if I decided to vote for McCain for President, it would be negated by some electoral collegians who will determine that by my flipping the McCain lever, I must have meant to vote for the democratic candidate because I live in New York. It makes the Florida fiasco of interpreting hanging chads seem tame by comparison.

    We were taught in public school that the right to vote was our most precious franchise, so valuable it was worth laying your life down for. Our teachers lied, or they too taken in by the grand delusion/illusion. There is no popular vote, no actual one man/one vote, for president.

    Additionally, the voter registration process is fraught with opportunity for fraud - you need not even show a driver's license to register. Dead people continue to vote long after their expiration dates.

    Where is my franchise? I guess it was indeed precious, since it was stolen even before I had it. I recently saw an informal poll of "men" on the street - Q-Would you sell your vote? No, not even for a million dollars! Wow, did those poll respondents ever overestimate the value of their votes. I would take whatever I could get for it, and be glad to get something for nothing.


  4. Gung Hay fat Choy!

    We are indeed in the year of the rat...and being I am one...I see a prosperous future ahead...B