Friday, August 24, 2007

Towering Inferno (2007)

These are the responses to my August 23st article, "John Galt Shrugged How Could He Know What Was Going On", please continue to provide us with your feedback


  1. you are too much! Your article below is thoughtful and thought-provoking, as always – but I’ll bet you are the ONLY person who would remember that John Galt was a character in the Ayn Rand novel – an engineer yet?? John Galt “shrugged” indeed! J Do you suppose that someone with a sense of irony picked that very name when naming their shell company? I am fascinated with that little tidbit you brought forward from the recesses of your mind!

  2. Why is Bovis Lend Lease not being held accountable by the press, politicians, government? Even if Galt weren't a phantom, the buck should stop with the GC.

  3. > Re "John Galt Shrugged ... ": I think that Bovis Lend Lease should be held
    > accountable for it's failure to secure the services of a competent
    > subcontractor. If Bovis couldn't find a bona fide subcontractor, they
    > should have said so --- and opted out of their own contract with LMDC.
    > At the very least, Bovis has been grossly neglectful in it's supervision
    > of "John Galt", who he is.
    > The new man at LMDC is obviously a lightweight. Little could have been
    > expected from him. But I think that much more should have been expected
    > of Mr. Scopetta. I for one am disappointed. I think he should go. FDNY
    > needs a fire commander more than it needs an administrative genius.
    > Yours truly (with a shrug of my own),

  4. Good report. However, I expect to see graft, corruption, and lax over site all the time. It has become the norm in all case from the top down.

  5. The problem is that the chief administrators fingertip and never get to the bottom of real problems.

    The operatives keep information hostage and thereby keep control from the administrators.

    There is thusly an enormous knowledge gap.

    The only solution is to fire both the administrators and the operatives who were involved in this tragedy.

    And then replace them with the highest ranking graduates of City College 2008 who owe their education to
    the City of New York and thus can reasonably be expected to use their intellect and skills for the betterment
    of our City.

  6. I have at least one easy answer to the items you posit as questions
    regarding "John Galt Shrugged, How Could He Know What Was Going On", namely:

    >>8. If a firefighter repeatedly calls MayDay, the emergency appeal for
    rescue, should there not be a GPS attached to his helmet, so he can at
    least be located?<<

    GPS devices do NOT work reliably inside of buildings. In fact, they often
    don't work reliably outside on the streets of Manhattan -- as I can
    personally attest -- because the tall building block too many of the
    necessary signals from satellites passing over.

  7. Thanks for the round up in regards to the unfortunate events at the Deutsche Bank. I agree with you - things need to be investigated and responsiblity taken. Mr. Dunlevy is ready to hang 'em high, but that may not be the total solution.