Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Ph.D.s, The NRA, or Both?

These are the responses to my April 25th, article, "Who Killed the Blacksburg 32? Virginia's Pathetic Gun Laws? The Incompetence of Shrinks? Could It Be Both?", please continue to provide us with your feedback


  1. If you are blaming "gun laws" and "incompetent shrinks," then they should be blamed for the Blacksburg 33. Both factors did a disservice to the obviously very sick young man. Not to excuse his actions, but it sure sounds like he had a terrible life - with little or no help for his illness.

  2. Much has been made regarding Blacksburg as the biggest shooting mass murder in US history. As we debate whether gun laws or the lack thereof caused the tragedy at Blacksburg, let's remember the Happyland Social Club arson, which resulted in the death of 87, with no guns involved.

    Perhaps the best we can do is to make sure that every mentally ill or distressed person gets the care s/he needs, and that emergency services have the tools and processes they need to save lives.

  3. Psychiatrists are MDs, not Ph.D.s Psychiatrists and psychologists (those with the Ph.Ds) often miss when it comes to predicting whether someone will cause harm to himself/herself or to others. However, their batting averages should be better when asked whether the person is mentally disturbed. Then the question should be treatment in a hospital or on the outside. Here psychiatrist should also be able to make a good guess. I believe that in the Cho case, he was hospitalized and it was deemed that he needed treatment but it was judged that he could be treated on the outside. At least that is what I heard. We don't know the role his parents played in determining whether or not he should be hospitalized. They might have told the doctors in the hospital that they would see to it that he would take meds. Cho was still living with his parents and they may have had a part in the way he was being treated - haven't heard from parents.
    Before criticizing psychiatrists (and believe me I too criticize them at times), we need to know the role of the other people in his life, primarily parents, to determine why this young man was not hospitalized and allowed to go to class.
    One other point, it is often difficult to commit someone involuntarily into a hospital but a good psychiatrist can persuade an individual to do it voluntarily, or ask persons close to individual to persuade him/her.
    Just some of my thoughts.

  4. Why should we live in a Society where only the Police are armed?
    There is a ban on guns in Englandl But still criminals can get them, no problem.
    I've been around guns my whole life. Why didn't anyone see this Madman fooling with the ammo?
    In the Dorm? I can get in my car tomorrow and kill thirty people on the side walk during lunch on fifth Ave.
    The problem is not guns it's Buffalo Bill. It is in our culture, heritage history.