Friday, February 02, 2007

Be Kind To Man And Beast

These are the responses to my February 1st, article, "It Is Not Likely that Governor Can Steamroller Legislature, Even When They Are Wrong" Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback.


  1. Problem is he is not a steamroller until he starts rolling ie winningsome fights.

    Also Rudy’s fights were about things like squeegee men that most middle class cared about. Who is the controler is not the kind of thing the public wants to associate with head-breaking attitude. Rudy broke heads in situations where the voters cared.

  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    We fail to see how Andrew Eristoff, both City Finance Commissioner and State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance, was overlooked, although we realize that he would never have been chosen by the Assembly as he is a (shhhh) Republican.


  3. Anonymous6:43 PM

    State pensions are calculated on basis of average of three highest consecutive years, not as you indicated in your blog. I do agree that the Gov miscalculated Speaker response and the very strong positions of rank and file Assembly Members, especialy after the failure to obtain a salary increase in Dec. The Speaker has problems too but they both have two years to iron them out. The Gov can get back in good grace, if he tries. We will see if he is really as smart as we all believe.

  4. You're always fascinatingly insightful -- this is among your tops for brilliance and verve.

  5. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Well said. And the writing was on the wall way before the election.

  6. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Good advice.

  7. B.S.M.6:46 PM

    Commissioner, Your periodic essays are excellent and deserve wide publication so that othrs can benefit, as have I, from your experience and eloquent writing style. We need more such informed, objective commentary.

  8. I told you weeks ago that the honeymoon would not last long. How right I was. It is 2/2/07 and we still do not have a new controller. Pete Grannis was taken out of the mix by Spitzer appointing him Commissioner of DEC. How clever!!!!!, although I like the result. Pete will do the right thing for this community regarding the issues that come before him.

    As for Sheldon Silver it is time for him to go. He is no good and has really screwed this city for a long time. Commuter tax and the city should have had a domed stadium like most big cities have. He is not a sports fan and could care less about the people. He panders to the lower east side and his district.

    Certain other aspects of his life are used as an excuse for other actions. He lied over and over again about why he could not attend meetings. He made excuses about his religious beliefs and how he could not make Saturday meetings but would show up on Sunday. He never made the Sunday meetings even after the 14th Congressional Caucus made all the members show up on a Sunday and then he would send some representative. He lied so many times it was sickening. He is a disgusting man.

  9. Your column started my day off right.

  10. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Excellent if depressing commentary on the state's politics at the top level. I hope Spitzer reads it and picks up on your suggestions.

  11. This is an insightful piece on the dynamics of executive and cameral politics. It also offers the possibility of some additions to you Book of Rules:

    1) You cannot steamroll muck and mire

    2) The Legislature can be a sinkhole for Executive initiatives

    3) What one can’t ,or will not, say to one’s face shouldn’t be said over a Cell Phone or a soup can on a string

  12. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Excellent essay. Only someone who has lived the life for many years could have written it. I hope the subject reads it, and internalizes its teachings.

  13. Anonymous2:55 AM

    There is something primitive and uncontrollable in Eliot...just talking to him...just looking at him, one sense a deep, tight inner coil that has been there his entire life (must have something to do with Daddy) and that he seems to control until it springs out by a couch-coil which sneaks up at you and bites you in the tush...

    They always said Mario had a wild Sicilian temper and when he blew it was all over for the blowee...(like his blowup with Harding)

    Eliot's is so much closer to the the edge...that I bet this is but the first of a long-list to come...

    But this piece is almost Maureen Dowdish in its double-sided approach...though most will read it
    as a kind piece of advice...

  14. Such insights (and a few incites, too). Wonderful.

  15. A few points:

    (1) spitzer is trying to bite off way too much at once. he needs to picks one or two (at most) big battles, win, and hence build his power. Alas, he has already gone too far down the wrong path I believe:

    (2) spitzer can beat silver in the comtroller thing, thus taking him down a few pegs (and enhancing his own power). all he needs to do is pick off a few of silvers members. surely there are a few who deep down despise silver and/or would rather bet on their governor?

    (3) maybe even spitzer could overthrow silver (such as pataki did in the senate when he became governor)?

    (4) it seems like spitzer and bruno could be allies against silver if spitzer played his cards right, but by fighting for the democrat to be balboni's successor he brings us back to point #1 above:

    (5) spitzer is fighting too many battles: silver (or the controller), the teachers union (education), riviera (medicare), and bruno (for balboni's seat).

  16. we are eager for reform, if anxious about whether it will ever come.

  17. J.W.M.2:59 AM

    Good article!
    Perhaps Spitzer may not be able to stop displaying his conceit,
    although I am sure he realizes it is a danger.
    Silly but this happens to some extra bright successful people.
    You are correct; it has and will cause problems.
    So far Whitehead and now the Minority Leader of the Assembly!
    Let’s see if he can control it.
    I hope so.

  18. One of your best columns.

  19. Bully Good! I hope he read it and will follow.