Monday, February 06, 2006

"When Justice Triumphed"

These are the responses to my February 3rd article, "When Justice Triumphed." Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback.


  1. the remedy is for the aggrieved voters to take action – not for a federal judge to take action for them. There is nothing wrong with the system that could not be cured by voters who took the time to be involved. Of course the Constitution could also be amended. Incidentally, the people who set up this system years ago would probably think it is working “just right.”

  2. One minor correction: Judicial delegates and alternate delegates do appear on petitions. So do names of proposed county committee candidates. When circulating petitions, you usually tell people those are internal party positions and so no one reads them. So the delegates and alternates are theoretically elected, but anyone who was ever involved knows the convention was a 10-minute rubber stamp (or x-stamper).

  3. I have this new book, FAILURE OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS BY Bruce Ackerman
    in which "the ink was barely dry on the Constitution" and it was almost destroyed
    by the unanticipated rise of political parties and the "dead locked 1800 Presidential
    Election between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

    The political situation has to be continuously monitored , times change, one party-ism distorts many of the interests of the greater citizenry, but we cannot respond to what
    Dick Morris calls "The Daily Majority."

    It is interesting to note while the Conservatives won the recent election in Canada,
    they did not gain ONE SEAT IN THE THREE LARGEST CITIES: Toronto, Montreal,
    or Vancouver

    Where political power is concentrated, abuses which you cite can be expected.

    Only Finland comes in as a TRULY HONEST CONTRY on world-wide surveys
    and ONLY FINLAND of the European countries NEVER HAD A KING nor a

  4. Thank you for this interesting article.

  5. including Mr. Lopez' daughter who sought employment as a law secretary. You forgot to mention that Ms. Lopez now has a much higher paying job at the NYS Division of Human Rights thanks to our fine Governor. She should thank Ms.Lopez-Torres for not hiring her at such a low salary.

  6. 1. one of the articles this past week referred to pataki making a deal with manton to put his personal counsel on the supreme court inorder for him to elevate him to the appelate division. in the seddio deal to create a surrogate for the lawyers and politicians of brooklyn, the trade off was the extra judgeship in queens for a republican--pataki's counsel.

    2. in the appeal of gleeson's decision----- is the basis for the appeal going to be the following-----as presented in sing song by the five county leaders of the city...."but judges, where are we going to get our cash from- we don't know how to use an ATM--we need the money to be bosses-there is nothing else left for us but getting cash from lawyers and judges, you can't cut off our life line. ..."

    3. the primaries in every county may turn out to be more of a boon to the county leader's than the old way. if the county leader winds up selecting the candidate by himself with whatever ruse or devise created it will prove more profitable.

  7. Judicial conventions are only part of the corrupt process of electing judges in NY.

    As long as party petitions are involved, the party in power will control the nomination process as well as the election process.

    Petitions of insurgent candidates opposing the party designate will be doomed before they start. Does everyone understand how difficult it is to get 600 signatures on a nominating petition in New York without the blessings of the major party leaders? It is more than difficult, it is nearly impossible.

    Under the new proposals, the process may change, but the results will be the same.

    How about non-partisan elections? That might work.

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