Friday, November 04, 2005

"One Hand Washes The Other"

These are the responses to my November 3 article, "One Hand Washes The Other." (Proposition One and Campaign Finance) Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback.


  1. Another very good article by you. Thank you.

  2. 1. And customers of the Cablevision monopoly will continue to pay their monthly invoices on time while such corporate largess goes uninvestigated nor chastised;

    2. The only difference between this payment and the inherent quid pro quo, and the oldest profession in the world, is that in this case, it's a 3rd party who "gets screwed;" that being the Cablevision customer -not the "john" who tendered the cash- nor the "prostitute(s)" who received it.

  3. Cashel Rock12:14 PM

    Great anthology of NY's speciality: Legalized Bribery.

  4. In the long run we lose by not having a stadium in NYC that has a roof and is multiuse. We lost a good opportunity and many of my associates agree. The politics of the situation was a shame. We are the largest city in the world without our own football stadium/multiuse. Our teams the Jets and Giants are in New Jersey. We do not get the advantage of them being in NYC. What a bunch of shortsighted individuals. It is always about the money and not the people.

  5. there's good adversarial punch to's a welcome "potch" to the subject matter...