Thursday, October 13, 2005

" only a day away"

These are the responses to my October 12 article, "Polls Say: Stick a Fork in 2005. Let's Start to Think About 2009." Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback


  1. But a characteristic of youth is impatience, and Miller had good cause to believe that he would be a better mayor than his rivals.

    Better than whom, for god's sake? He's an empty suit

  2. Your chilling prognosis about the political protagonists of 2009 blithely disses the current Public Advocate as a candidate for higher office. Is there a faint smell of sexism to be sniffed here. We note your warning to Boro President Marsahll not to have illusions of ascent.
    The current Public Advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, was criticized in her recent New York Times endorsement as being insufficiently vicious. Is this your subliminal glass ceiling?

  3. A great many things can happen between now and 2009. The repeal of Term Limits is a possibility in the near future and that, as you observed,would upset the apple cart. As Ed Koch would say, "Time will tell".

  4. How bout the AWESOME Eva Moskowitz?

    I can get behind her. Why not have the Liberal Party behind her EARLY?

  5. northside12:38 PM

    Hi: Are there any Asians in contention?