Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Salinger, Moses and John L. Lewis"

These are the responses to my August 23 Q, "Salinger, Moses and John L. Lewis." Thanks to all, please continue to provide us with your feedback


  1. Who said (to poorly paraphrase) that NY has the best legislature that money can buy??

  2. I was fortunate to attend a symposium on Robert Moses at Hofstra University. The keynote speaker was Kenneth Jackson, who in the 1980's, was the lone voice calling for an updated and perhaps less "New York centric" view of the Power Broker.

    While acknowledging the extraordinary amount of information in Robert Caro's Pulitzer Prize winning work, he implored that it is very often the only source of information from which citizens form an opinion. Jackson stated that Caro is not a historian, nor has he turned over any of his notes to a scholarly organization for review. He felt that Caro's book had many "small but annoying inaccuracies" and too many unattributed quotes.

    Jackson also went on to say that Robert Moses was not single cause for all that is wrong with New York City's highway system and that he was definitely not responsible for the neglect of subway construction.

    As someone who has always agreed with Jackson's view, it is nice to see the rest of the world catching up to him. The article you directed us to in Q-65 was a real treat. As the longest serving Parks Commissioner since RM, I am hoping you will one day share some of your own views on Power Broker "the book" and Power Broker "the man." Perhaps even a review of the upcoming exhibition mentioned in the article.

    Thank you for your wonderful insights into New York City history and politics,