Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Responses to "Boss Tweed's Crimes Surpassed"

These are the responses to my July 18 article on the massive fraud in New York State's Medicaid program. Thank you for your responses and please continue to provide us with your feedback.


  1. I thought that there was a special prosecutor for Medicaid fraud. The kind of fraud in the egregious example in the Times article should be easily detectable by computer: there are 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week; a dentist or doctor can only do so much in the time available. If the State of New York doesn't have a program for this, maybe someone's crony can be hired to develop one. (I really have no objection to the spoils system as long as the job is actually and honestly done.)

  2. Henry, I couldn't agree with you more.. at least the Tweed Courthouse is still standing! My best,

  3. The medicaid scandal is indeed important, but the most important thing I learned from your column today is about the word "lede". Fascinating - just as the question was forming in my mind - bingo, I clicked to your link. Thank you. I once again I admire your wit suggesting that Dentist Dolly must have cloned herself ;-) Keep it up!

  4. henry
    when i read your lede "boss tweed surpassed", i thought you were referring to that crooked kid, miller.

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    In the aftermath of the N.Y. Times expose, damage control is the order of the day, and all of the ex post facto "fixes" are suspect. No incumbents in state government (Pataki, Spitzer, Bruno, Silver, Hevesi, etc.) had a clue about this until the Times published it? Puleeese!

    As usual, the "solution" to fraud, waste, and abuse in N.Y. state government is to create another layer of bureaucracy to regulate the previous layer, now tainted by its failure to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the previous layer.

    We'd be better off with a state False Claims Act like the federal one. That would create an incentive for whistleblowers to turn the villains in for big cash rewards!