Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome to StarQuest's New Blog

We are proud to announce a new feature for New York Civic -- our own blog.

For the past three years, we have been writing articles on New York City and State government. So far we have published 225 essays, plus 57 Qs, which are shorter pieces which generally link to current news items. Our readership has climbed to over 12,800 and we receive many more requests to subscribe than to unsubscribe. We honor both promptly.

Our website,, contains all the articles that we have written. Our own Google, attached to the website, allows you to reference any person or subject that appears in either an article or a Q.

You are invited to reply to or comment on items which appear on the blog. You do this directly, on your own computer. Your comments go directly onto our blog so they can be read by anyone in cyberspace. We encourage rational discourse and fresh ideas. Criticism is appropriate, people write more often when they disagree with something someone else has said.

We will, however, promply delete obscene, scurrilous, libelous and racist submissions, as well as messages that are simply too vile for us to assist in their circulation. Our standards are quite broad, our purpose is to encourage different points of view, and we have no problem with vivid or picturesque expression. We do not anticipate that requiring basic standards of decency and fairness will abridge or inhibit open discourse.

If you care to make an entry on the blog, click on the link which highlights the number of comments at the end of the post you wish to comment on.

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