Thursday, June 16, 2005

Responses to Q-57

Here are the comments we received on Q-57.


  1. We don't sell all the mailing lists to City Council but do sell a lot of them (that's at our request - we didn't want to bid but also didn't a sole source contract to protect both us & them from any allegations). They have never bought anything where they selected Party. They sometimes select based on age or gender but I believe that is when the mailing is about things like the SCRIE program or breast cancer. They sometimes buy lists of Spanish or Chinese surnamed but that is in conjunction with non-Spanish and non-Chinese. So I believe that means they are sending out some mail in English and the same thing in a bi-lingual form.

  2. And even if the mayor and chancellor abandon ship on school reforms, the UFT is unlikely to turn friendly.

    You are exactly right. I’m all for giving them the cash, within reason, but the management must absolutely control the schools. The mayor has to figure out a way to portray his position as the more reasonable one in the upcoming election. The UFT will spend heartily to portray the mayor as intransigent, out of touch, blah blah blah.

    The mayor must never abandon ship on school reforms. That’s why we love him so much. He was elected to do that, and that he must do. So many of our urban ills are caused by poor education. Even if he fixes education it will be a generation or more before we see benefit. I realize that is hard for a politician to deal with, but, let’s just hope that our mayor is not a typical politician.

  3. Starquest, what about the Carl McCall issue with Elliot Spitzer and the Grasso ( Great White Whale hunt) matter?

  4. Henry:

    I agreed with you that redoing the vote was wrong but I also said that YOU were wrong about Gale Brewer. Perhaps you did not see my note in time.

    Now I would add that I am curious as too what YOU think is the proper
    salary for a teacher with 30 years in and a doctorate?

  5. Henry
    Maybe if the D.A. or U. S. Attorney issued a press release to the effect that the people have voted twice for term limits and that if the collection of twits, misfits and unemployables don't stop trying to extend their time at the public teat then they are going to assign a few rabid law student summer interns to try to find criminality in their scheming, the collage of hazardous harebrains would cease and desist and take their free Times and look at the help wanted ads.

  6. Starquest:
    Salutations. A scintillating sextet of sober and sagacious selections,
    some smidgens, some snippets.
    Yr. Subservient Subscriber